If Semi Final is washed-out, Sri Lanka will go through to Final.
By CricLens Staff Report on October 3rd, 2012

Weather of Sri Lanka is as unpredictable as performance of Pakistan team. Though there is no alarming forecast of rain during Semi Final’s timings on Thursday, but in case it rains and match is washed out (No Result) Sri Lanka will qualify for Final on grounds of keeping better Run Rate than Pakistan throughout this World T20 (including group stage).

The rules say that if the Semi Final is No Result then the team with most number of wins in the tournament shall have the right to play Final. Since both Sri Lanka and Pakistan have same number of wins (4) in this tournament so the equation then falls on Run Rate (including of Group Stage). Sri Lanka are ahead of Pakistan when it comes to overall Run Rate, thanks to their 82-run win against Zimbabwe.

But if it comes to Run Rate, there would be a bizarre situation before it. Sri Lanka on record have won 3 matches, one of their win have come in Super Over against New Zealand. A win on Super Over gives team 2 points but in official records the result is recorded as tie. In case of Semi Final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka resulting in wash-out, there might occur a controversy on Super Over, which is already under severe criticism in non knock-out matches.

If second Semi Final between Australia and West Indies gets washed out, equation will be simple in favour of Australia who have 4 wins as compared to West Indies’ 2 wins in this World Twenty20.

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  1. Syed Ehsan Mohsin says:

    well this is an interesting situation.Pakistan has won both group stage matches and in 2nd match Pakistan beat Bngladesh by 8 wickets and this was also a big margin win.while Srilanka lost to southAfrica in their group stage match by 32 runs.so my point is that srilanka’s win over zimbabwe by 82 runs and pakistan’s win over bangladesh by 8 wickets have the same effects in run rate or is their some diffrence???the 2nd point is that Pakistan has won both super eight matches in limited overs while srilanka won one match in super over against newzeland so is there any advantage to Pakistan of srilanka’s super over win??

  2. Agha Afaque says:

    i stronlgly agreed with Syed Ehsan Mohsin… u can see the runs if there is no value of wickets on run rate but…. in semii the choosed lower run rate team vs higher run rate one so it is not way to choose for final….

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