The Mechanism of ICC World Twenty20 2012.
By Mazher Arshad on September 17th, 2012

The following of Cricket will reach new summits in coming days during ICC World Twenty20 2012. We take look at few questions that randomly get in minds of the followers of the game.

1. Do teams carry points into Super Eight from Group Stage?

No, this may be a shocking answer but never did ICC have a rule of giving points to teams from Group Stage in ICC World Twenty20 events. It gets rather more bizarre with knowledge that even the teams’ standings won’t alter on basis of Group Stage [this rule is complicated but you would understand it in Question number 2].

South Africa suffered in ICC World Twenty20 2007 due this rule. They had won all the four matches before losing to India in last match of Super Eight, but just due to one loss against India they were knocked-out and couldn’t play Semi Final.

Technically the Group Stage is only a stage for minnows to qualify for Super Eight or it helps big teams only if Semi Final is no-result [See Question Number 9].

2. How will teams be seeded in Super Eight Round?

Teams will make the seeding based on their current standings in Group Stage, decided on performance of the previous edition of ICC World T20 in West Indies, and irrespective of their current performance in the Group Stage. For Example:

In Group D: Pakistan is D1, New Zealand D2 and Bangladesh D3. If Pakistan and New Zealand both qualify for Super Eight, Pakistan will enter as D1 and New Zealand as D2 even if Pakistan has points less than New Zealand in Points Table of Group stage. In case, Bangladesh qualify, they will take the seeding of team they have knocked out.

If Pakistan and Bangladesh qualify, Pakistan will be D1 and Bangladesh D2. If New Zealand and Bangladesh qualify, Bangladesh will be D1 and New Zealand D2.

3. So does that mean schedule of Super Eight is already determined?

Yes, as long as a minnow from any group does not qualify for Super Eight, the schedule will not get altered. This rule has been part of all the ICC World T20 events so far and was also part of ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. The purpose of this rule is to facilitate fans so they could make travel pattern and buy tickets of their team’s matches.

4. Who would Pakistan face in Super Eight?

Pakistan, India, South Africa and Australia would be lined up in the same group. The matches are as followed:

- September 28: Pakistan vs South Africa in Colombo (RPS) at 3.00pm PST

- September 30: Pakistan vs India in Colombo (RPS) at 7.00pm PST

- October 02: Pakistan vs Australia in Colombo (RPS) at 3.00pm PST

Positive for Pakistan is they will be having all of their Super Eight and following matches at the same venue (Colombo RPS), it will not change even during Semi Final and Final. It is the venue where Pakistan beat Sri Lanka and Australia last year in Cricket World Cup 2011.

5. Are two wins out of 3 matches enough in Super Eight to qualify for Semi Final?

Yes is the answer in normal circumstances but it is not a guaranteed answer. A team may not qualify for Semi Final even after winning 2 matches in Super Eight. Take example of Pakistan’s group in Super Eight:

If South Africa lose all of their matches; Pakistan beat India, India beat Australia and Australia beat Pakistan. In this case 3 teams (Pakistan, India and Australia) will get tied on 4 Points each so Net Run Rate will come into the equation. The team with worst NRR will lose the Semi Final spot.

The same situation happened with South Africa in ICC World Twenty20 2007. South Africa, New Zealand and India had 4 points each but SA missed a Semi Final spot as their NRR was worst among the three.

6. Can only one win out of 3 matches of Super Eight take team in Semi Final?

Yes is the answer in abnormal circumstances but again it is not the guaranteed answer. A team may qualify even after winning only one match however its very unlikely scenario. Take Example of Pakistan’s group in Super Eight:

If Australia win all of their matches; Pakistan beat India, India beat South Africa, South Africa beat Pakistan. In this case, Australia will get into Semi Final with 6 points whereas three teams (Pakistan, South Africa and India) will get tied on 2 points each. So the team with better Net Run Rate among the three will qualify for Semi Final.

The same situation happened to Pakistan in previous edition of ICC World T20 in West Indies 2010. England had won all the matches and Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa got tied on 2 points each. Pakistan due to better NRR made into the Semis.

7. What’s the criteria of evaluation of teams in Points Table in both Group and Super Eight stage?

Win shall count 2 Points, Tie or No Result 1 Point, Loss 0 Point. In case teams are tied on Points, the right to qualify for Super Eight or Semi Final will have the following criteria:

1. Team with most Number of wins.

2. If teams are equal in Points and Number of Wins then team with better Net Run Rate (NRR) will be placed higher

3. If NRR is also equal then winner of head-to-head match between the teams will be placed higher.

8. Will there be Bonus Point?

No, there will be no Bonus Point system. In fact, ICC has never endorsed the idea of Bonus Points in their events. It is found mostly in multi-team ODI tournaments, like Asia Cup or CB Series, which are not conducted by ICC.

9. What if Semi Final or Final is Tied or No Result due to Rain or any other unusual event?

If Semi Final is tied: Teams will compete in One Over Eliminator (also known as Super Over). If it is No Result or weather prevents the Super over then the team with most number of wins, including Group and Super Eight stage, will qualify for Final. If Number of wins is also equal then the team with better Net Run Rate from all the previous matches, including Group and Super Eight stage, will progress to Semi Final.

If Final is tied: Teams will compete in Super Over. If it is No Result or Weather does not permit Super Over then both the teams will be declared joint-winners.

Mazher Arshad is a freelance Cricket writer, he tweets here.

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  1. Engr. Jamil Sarwar says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum, Hopefully you will be all right. This time Pakistan have to struggle a lot and show their cent percent performance to win the WT20. It is very good information you provided. Brother, have you any page or group on facebook so that I can access informations and updates about cricket.

    Engr. Jamil Sarwar

  2. Nice to give the info of whole tournament……..!!!!!! it means every tie match will be considered as a tie…???? match will not go for super over at group stages or super eight stage……..?????

    • No bro, nowhere it was said that the match won’t go in Super Over. If match is tied, there will be a Super Over. But for example, if rain comes just after the match is tied and Super Over is not possible due to rain then the other rules will be implemented. Hope you get it.

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