What Pakistan need to do to qualify for Semi Final.
By Mazher Arshad on September 30th, 2012

No team from this Group 2 (Pakistan, Australia, India and South Africa) has been knocked-out yet or has qualified for Semi Final. Even South Africa can still make into the Semi Finals, and Australia can be knocked out. Pakistan may qualify for Semi Final even after losing to Australia on Tuesday, and may not qualify even after winning it. We put scenarios for all the teams below.

Tuesday Fixtures: Pakistan vs Australia at 3.00pm PST; India vs South Africa at 7.00pm PST


Best chance for Pakistan to qualify is to beat Australia and then hope India lose to South Africa. In that case, Pakistan and Australia will go through to Semi Final irrespective of Run Rates.

If Pakistan and India both win on Tuesday then three teams (India, Pakistan and Australia) will get tied on 4 points each, top 2 teams with better Run Rate will qualify.

If Pakistan lose to Australia by a close margin like 2 or 3 runs, then they must hope that South Africa beat India by a close margin too. In that scenario, Pakistan and Australia will be through to the Semis.


Best chance for India is: Pakistan lose to Australia and then they beat South Africa, without Run Rate coming into play, India and Australia will be through to the Semis. If Pakistan beat Australia, then India will have to beat South Africa by a margin that takes them above Pakistan or Australia in Run Rate.

India can also qualify even after losing to South Africa. That is possible if Australia thrash Pakistan by a good margin, and India does not lose to South Africa by a bad margin.

South Africa

They are not out yet as there is backdoor entry left for them. Their only chance to qualify for Semis is: Australia beat Pakistan, and then they beat India by a margin which is enough to take their Run Rate above India and Pakistan. If Pakistan win on Tuesday, South Africa will be knocked-out straight away.


It is crazy to see that Australia are still not confirmed for the Semis. If they beat Pakistan, they will be through. But if they lose to Pakistan by a huge margin, like 50 odd runs, then they must hope South Africa beat India or India does not win against South Africa by a huge margin.

If it rains on Tuesday.

If both the matches are washed-out then Pakistan and Australia will qualify for Semi Final. If this happens, India will regret not chasing the target against Pakistan just 1 ball earlier.

Mazher Arshad is a freelance Cricket writer, he tweets here.

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    i love pakistan @Naqash_ali on twitter

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    @Naqash_ali on twitter
    At World Cup: INDIA vs PAKISTAN head to head
    1992 Pakistan lost,
    1996: Pakistan lost,
    1999: Pakistan Lost,
    2003: Pakistan lost,
    2007 T20: Pakistan Lost,
    2011: Pakistan lost,
    2012: T20 Pakistahn lost,
    [kb jeetain gy hum]

  3. Naqash Ali says:

    Mazher Arshad bahi koi dua mango plz k humari batting chal jaya AUS k against………

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    in case PAK bat 2nd then?????????????

  5. Masood says:

    what if only 1 match is abondoned due to rain?

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  7. Bilal Majeed says:

    Your calculations are wrong. even if we loose Aus by one run and SAF win against India by one run. that will be more then enigh to make into semis.. Unless very unlikely its a high scoring game having teams 170+…

    thanks to Umer guls over which make india chased target in 17 overs… making condditions worse for pak

  8. Bilal Majeed says:

    ** that will be more then enigh for SAF to make into semis…

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    hope that pakistan will reached

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    What a crazy scenario for Tuesday.

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    Well ! Easiest thing will be kay sara din barish hoti rahay. hehehe

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